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Years of developing mobile solutions have taught us the optimal formula for impactful solutions.

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Tailored Design and Full Stack solutions. From MVP to the completed product.

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Creating lasting value and ensuring you are in a good market with a product that can satisfy arising needs.

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eBook platform


Tablet Learning Environment


Web reader for digital content

Brandweer Amsterdam

App voor "Woningbezoek"

Rechtbank Utrecht

App voor Bode en Griffier



They trust us

  • Jos Wilschut

    CTO Infinitas Learning, Netherlands

    I got in touch with Roel Nuyts of Aliens Are Among Us, who proved to be very helpful for me in tackling the problems of going mobile in the education space at that time 2013. Aliens Are Among Us helped me by building an innovative reader app which could handle content far beyond the static pdf displayed content which was the flavour of the day in that time. One thing I liked was their flexibility in dealing with the everlasting changes I had to confront them with coming from the business. I found the experience educational to work with a young and fresh team not hindered by the constraints of a big corporate company. I would recommend Aliens Are Among Us to people who need to go through a change and get It managed and executed in a innovative and new way.

  • Jonas Linde

    Head of IT Liber, Sweden

    Because our technology was lagging behind we asked for a new state-of-the-art online reader. Especially the personal and adapted approach of Aliens Are Among Us for children with special needs was something I appreciated. As a result the reader was easily adopted by our target audience. The whole project was handled in a very smooth and flexible way and was well kept within budget. Thus working together became an experience that proved to be pleasant as well as successful.

  • Arnoud Aalbersberg

    CEO Tropicare, Germany

    I approached Aliens Are Among Us because we needed a travel app to determine which products travelers really require. Aliens Are Among us helped me by determining the problem solution fit The final result was that we didn’t choose to invest in an app but to focus on international expansion and the further development of our website. I really liked the brutal honesty of Aliens Are Among Us . It saved us a lot of time, money and resources.

Who We Are

We’re a bunch of mobile application experts using the latest technology to design and develop beautiful but above all functional apps and solutions for a wide variety of businesses. Aliens Are Among Us was founded by Joeri Langeveld and Roel Nuyts. Both worked for the Dutch government, leading big content production projects concerning interactive PDFs and rapid application development. In 2010, when the first iPad came out Joeri and Roel decided to start a business around this new format. Their belief was that through great UX and graphical design B2B apps could be as beautiful and functional as B2C apps. Aliens Are Among Us was born. Since then we have been developing extraordinary applications for medium, large and corporate businesses to help them create solutions that really matter.



Roel Nuyts



Joeri Langeveld

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Almer Lucke



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