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With strong passion comes strong language. We love technology and its impact on everyday lives, putting resources to work where they matter the most and embracing new technology without confusing means and ends. Aliens is the no-nonsense partner that realizes your digital ambitions.

How we work

While others keep talking, we get started

We are explorers

All projects start with a question. By exploring the reasons behind the question and challenging existing assumptions we can find the right answer. Solutions are discovered by taking quick and tangible steps toward them. We create value from both our successes and our failures.


We are designers

Design is our tool for creating insight. It provides context and dictates direction. We turn ideas into sketches, sketches into prototypes and prototypes into flows. The end-user always has our focus. And yes, aesthetics are important as well!


We are builders

Executing is our forte. We have wide knowledge of technology and the experience of delivering many kinds of projects. From proof-of-concept to prototypes, MVPs and the full product: we build it and we deliver.


Featured Project

Neurokeys to improve data on MS

Neurocast uses digital biomarkers to indicate an approaching relapse using everyday mobile keyboard usage to provide information about a patients motor skills.

Continues data flow instead of 2 times a year
Unobtrusive input by tracking regular mobile usage
Personal data based on keyboard and sensor input
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