“We can keep talking about it or we can just do it!”

This is the spark that initiated Aliens are among us. As freelancers back in the early 2000s, we gained experience in the fields of UX and development. As the internet grew larger, so did our clients and their needs for digital solutions. To deliver these bigger and better experiences for our clients, we knew that we needed to work together and get things done. Since 2010, this has been our approach towards everything we do.

We love people

And we love using technology to solve their problems! Aliens started out of our passion for finding these solutions and out of our love for technology and its effects on people. In 2010 we decided to use this drive to help other companies in finding a suitable solution for their problems using mobile technology.


We believe in

Putting users first

Making instead of talking

Asking "why" frequently

Keeping our promises

Involving design always

Revisiting assumptions

Launching often

Long-term relationships

Being there for you


Challenges keep us fueled and help us deliver out-of-this-world results

Since the beginning, we’ve been lucky to work with challenging clients and committed colleagues, all of whom fueled our hunger to explore new technologies together and deliver the right solutions.

If we can surprise you with an unexpected question that gives you a different perspective, that makes us happy. We thrive on moving forward and quick delivery. Challenge us with your ambitions, so we can exceed expectations and make your users happy too!

Alien practice

Aliens are technologically advanced and walk among you to help you reach your digital ambitions. We come in peace so we can all benefit.

Learn more about what we can do for you and how we approach a project.

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