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The Alien team explores, designs and builds digital solutions with a focus on user-facing applications. We help companies that are looking for functional solutions that improve their business and service their users. Those companies can be scale-ups, corporates and governmental. We believe in good partnership and getting things done.

Neurokeys to improve data on MS

Neurocast uses digital biomarkers to indicate an approaching relapse using everyday mobile keyboard usage to provide information about a patients motor skills.

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Careibu Daycare planner

Creating a multi-platform mobile application to serve a two-sided market.

Students are looking for a job and parents are looking for someone to take care of their children when they are out. Careibu recognized these needs and nowadays holds the most extensive network of student babysitters in the Netherlands and is growing internationally. Aliens implemented the app to handle tasks and keep an overview of the status. It supports planning, communication, and payment.

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Buzzmaster audience interaction

BuzzMaster lets the audience join the conversation. People can interact with a speaker in real-time by voicing their opinions and by asking questions. BuzzMaster creates an amazing buzz and energy in the room by liberating the audience from the confines of their chairs.

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