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Careibu offers babysit services through their website

“Can Aliens help us translate our web based proposition to a mobile service?”

With a large network of student babysitters and an extended client base of parents that use the existing web-based platform, Carbeibu wanted to extend their service and grow both sides of their two-sided market. By going mobile Careibu can offer better and quicker service on the go.

Parents can access their pool of babysitting students and send out a request with a press of their thumb. Students receive a notification and can apply for the job immediately. The job is aligned back and forth and confirmed. When work is done, payment is dealt with, again, after a press of a finger.

“As a true sparring partner, the cooperation with the Aliens team is very pleasant and reliable. They always lived up to their promises, I absolutely recommend Aliens!”

Anne van Oudheusden - CEO / Owner Careibu

Existing situation

Over the past years, the Careibu service was built for web and functionalities were added based on customer and business requirements. Although it fitted the existing needs, logically the implementation of the functionalities grew organically. Besides the wish to extend the babysitting service to mobile, the need for future-proofing the implementation became apparent. The aim was a multi-platform mobile application.

Careibu already put a lot of effort in defining user requirements for the app based on user data. Wireframes were created and tested within a select group of users.



The result of teamwork

Careibu and Aliens teamed up and created the mobile app, a middleware solution for the apps to manage the traffic between the apps, and the existing backend and user management.

The hard part was getting the status updates and notifications right. The interaction of the app was like an a-synchronous conversation by sending a request and tasks back and forth from parent to student.  Functionalities and communication grew exponentially which made it sometimes hard to keep focus and overview. This made the project intense on occasion. Because of our mutual striving for the best result and keeping communication open, we are all proud of what we achieved together!

Laying out the details

Based on the first draft of the wireframes we explored the views of the two user types: parents and students. Both groups have their own angle on the same event of which each status follows on an action of the other group.

Mapping out all events in wire-flows brought a clear perspective on what was needed and how to organize the events and their status.

Keep your to do’s tidy

Our inspiration came from the way sticky notes are used during agile sprints. This is how we handle the status of tasks: small note that change status after the right person completes her task.

Now we use the event of babysitting itself as a centre point instead of a calendar. This allows the users to focus on the next “to do” related to the status of the event. All appointments do show up in the users own agenda anyway. These are distinctive features compared to other planning solutions.

“Each event is represented by a "card" which shows the different stages during the process of babysitting.”


This is your timeline of events with the focus on the first runner-up. Scrolling down shows past events, scrolling up the future ones. Colors help to identify the state and the required action. Green is a “go” and red a showstopper.

Babysitting and payment are done and this is your receipt. Time, rates, tips and discounts are included. Just before archiving you get a confirmation and can do a checkup. After archiving the event is still viewable on your timeline.

When your request is not met you are alerted so you can act on it as soon as possible. The app is very responsive when you, as a parent, need to take action to make sure you have your babysitter when you need one.

An ideal Alien mobile application

The “Daycare planner” is an ideal Alien app. As a user, being either a student or a parent, you only have to bother about your own tasks. The technical solution was extensive but is invisible to the users. We managed to find the right angle on the UX and translated it to the clear style of Careibu. The existing backend connects to the new frontend. We enjoyed our discussions with Careibu to find all aspects of the app.

Now you can manage your babysitters with your phone while talking to your friend about that night out. The app has been live for almost a year and currently reaches 29,000 parents and babysitters.