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BuzzMaster approached us after their initial product launch

“How can Aliens help us improve our product on a technical and on a design level?”

Creating buzz

Presenting at events is an exercise in storytelling but BuzzMaster takes this one step further by letting the audience engage as you speak. By connecting their phones to a local network the audience participates in the event using browser-based apps set up especially for the occasion. Responses are managed by the Buzzmaster – a master of ceremonies – and visualized on a big screen.

After a very successful first release BuzzMaster wanted to offer their audience even more ways of engaging. We helped to create new apps that work on a very broad selection of mobile phones and feed the visualizations with real-time data.

“We want the audience to be surprised and have a web-experience they don't expect.”

Michiel - Software engineer

One of our apps lets the audience connect with those around them. Swiping the cards reveals their best matches.

Candidate matches can be inspected more closely for more details. If both want to connect they can start chatting.

The overview page shows the connections that have been made and notifies the user of new matches and chats messages.

Complex challenges

We were challenged on both a technical and a visual level to create intuitive interfaces that can be configured and branded for each event while looking good on both newer and older devices. Performance of the apps and visualisation also received great care to keep up with the swarm of data that goes around on large events.

Hands-on approach

We worked very closely with BuzzMaster using an iterative and agile approach. After updating the UX of some apps we tested them at live events to get invaluable feedback. BuzzMaster’s energy and enthusiasm were very contagious and make us deeply invested in the success of their events.

Bespoke interface

Audience interaction happens using all kinds of questions like multiple-choice, open questions, sliders and even maps to point out a location. We try to make the web interface feel like a true mobile app.

Networking and meeting new people is an important element of any event. For that we created a matching system. At the start of an event a user profile – including a selfie – is made.

Throughout the event the responses to questions are combined and people are matched with one another. If you want to meet someone interesting, just swipe through your matches and start a chat.

Data visualisation and feedback

Everyone knows that WiFi can be a pain at any large event. BuzzMaster fixes this by providing a fast WiFi network at the venue so data can go around at lightning speeds. All this data is captured in attractive and dynamic visualisations that allow for live slicing and partitioning of the data. It was a really rewarding challenge to create such responsive graphics using D3, the famous visualisation framework.