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In 2017 Neurocast won the first European hackathon on MS

“Can you help us to develop our digital products?”

Winning the hackathon was the first step of many to get an actual product on the market. With a proven concept Neurocast continued to validate their case: using a keyboard to generate data on fatigue. Fatigue is an explicit biomarker for analysing progression in neural diseases, especially MS.

In close collaboration, we developed the bespoke keyboard “Neurokeys” for registering the data of how you type, not what you type. Next to that, the onboarding app was made and we developed the backend that gathers the data.

Neurokeys provides a permanent stream of real-world evidence data, allowing daily life analytics of patients.

The Neurocast challenge

Over 2.5 million people around the globe have Multiple Sclerosis. There is too little non-clinical data on MS. Currently, the only moments to measure progression is one or two times per year when visiting your doctor. There is no unobtrusive way to measure people on an everyday basis, until now.

Fact is fatigue always relates to the pattern of a disease especially with a disease like MS. An important indicator of fatigue is a person’s handwriting. Neurocast goes a step further by introducing a new keyboard for mobile devices to monitor the digital handwriting of people.
Over 100 different components are tracked like the force of pressing down, the speed of typing and the way fingers move. These individual data points are translated to four types of fatigue by the Neurokeys algorithms: mental, physical, emotional and sleep.

“Success is achieved together. Aliens take responsibility without losing the eye for detail.”

Levie Hofstee - Co-Founder

Default keyboard for Android

Dark keyboard with emoji search for Android

Default emoji keyboard for Android

Default blue keyboard for iPhone

Default dark keyboard for iPhone

Language options light keyboard for iPhone

The aim is to be unobtrusive in everyday life by providing a keyboard that feels like the perfect keyboard a user expects to use. The main difference with an ordinary keyboard is the data that is gathered. A continues flow of data points per millisecond are sent to the backend from an individual user’s smartphone. Privacy is an essential matter in this. Only the keystrokes themselves are registered and all data is anonymized before being stored in the Neurocast database. Data is not directly connected to any user ID. Neurokeys environment is entirely GDPR compliant and meets the highest privacy and security standards.

Would you like to learn more and participate?

You can download the app, including the keyboards here